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Zero Tolerance 2021 Gluten Free Homebrew Survey

The Zero Tolerance group started in late 2017 and in the course of 2+ years has grown to over 1300 people worldwide, including homebrewers, professional brewers, and beer enthusiasts. It's time to get a better picture of who this group represents, get a snapshot of GF brewing techniques and opinions in 2021, and figure out future priorities. 

The survey is aimed at homebrewers who make naturally gluten free beer (from non gluten containing ingredients)

  • You do not need to be a member of the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Brewing group on Facebook
  • Commercial brewers who also brew gluten free at a homebrew-scale are welcome to fill out the survey -- note questions are geared to homebrewing

Why survey? We want to get a better understanding of ...

  • The people involved in gluten free brewing -- including locations, motivations, and experience
  • The techniques and materials that are in use by gluten free homebrewers as of early 2021
  • How the Zero Tolerance group can best support brewers from across the globe

What will we do with the response info?

  • The responses will be summarized and shared with the gluten free homebrew community (i.e. on the Zero Tolerance Facebook group and Zero Tolerance Wiki). Summaries will be primarily in graphic (e.g. pie / bar chart) format.
  • We will use survey results for comparison against future survey data (e.g. % all grain brewers in 2021 vs 2022).
  • Look for ways to action suggestions. This is a volunteer group and much of this may depend on how much people like you are willing to contribute.

Thank you for your time and helping to improve the state of gluten free brewing!

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